Pensieve: Nakaya Ao-Tamenuri Decapod Twist: A Review

Nakaya Ao-Tamenuri Decapod Twist: A Review

Writing with a Nakaya pen is an experience like no other. I call my Nakayas “Zen Pens,” because they conform to your hand, warm to your blood, and write flawlessly. And then there’s the utter beauty of each hand-crafted pen. No other brand even comes close.


My newest acquisition is an Ao-Tamenuri Decapod Twist. I chose this pen and color combination because I felt it best showed off the gorgeous teal color of the Ao-Tamenuri. The facets of the Twist are captivating, and the craftsmanship is stunning, especially when you see how perfectly the lines match up when you put the cap back on the pen.







I chose a rhodium-plated nib and clip since this color complements the Ao-Tamenuri so well. The nib is a broad, ground to a “midi”—a mix of a cursive italic and a stub. This grind, in effect, takes off the sharp edges of the italic but leaves the nice line variation.The rhodium nib itself offers a nice amount of springiness, though no flex. The nib itself is exquisite, as the close-up photos demonstrate.




Despite the Decapod Twist being a long pen, it feels comfortable in the hand. And, of course, like all Nakayas, it is light—you don’t feel like you’re writing with a heavy M800 Pelikan (though I like those too).


What else, really, is there to say? Every Nakaya I own is an absolute pleasure. I try to use them only when I’m writing for pleasure rather than for unenjoyable tasks like grading. These are pens that evoke peace, solitude, and gentleness.




One thought on “Pensieve: Nakaya Ao-Tamenuri Decapod Twist: A Review”

  1. Any issues with “feel-in-hand” from the twisting facets or step-down between barrel and section? I am considering this pen without clip (first Nakaya for 50th birthday). L. Reyes first described her experience witht he decapod (non-twist) as kind of distracting in hand… but she got used to it (maybe sacrificing comfort for looks?). I think you may have other Nakayas?


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