Pensieve: 1920/30s Conway Stewart 458 M Review

Conway Stewart 458M Review


I purchased my Conway Stewart Red Ripple from eBay—a seller located in England, appropriately enough. This is, simply put, a beautiful pen with a highly responsive flexible medium nib. The pen itself is made of hard rubber, but the design looks like wood grain. It is richly colored, smooth, and a treat for the eyes.

The pen is a lever filler, and so far I’ve been able to write quite a bit on one fill. I’m using Diamine Ancient Copper since it matches the pen’s color so perfectly, but I’ll need to try out some other colors to see what sort of variation in tone I can get.

The nib simply floats on the paper. And when you want some flex, it gives you flex. The nib looks a little dented/bent to me on close inspection. I don’t know if someone over-flexed it or if this is simply how a Conway Stewart nib normally looks. It writes fine, so far, but if any of you pen gurus out there can tell whether or not the nib is damaged, please let me know. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve bought an expensive pen that wasn’t described honestly.


Conway Stewart Nib
Does this nib look mangled to you?

The nib, lever, and clip imprints are all clear and look wonderful under a macro lens. The Conway Stewart imprint on the barrel, however, is barely noticeable unless you look closely.





All in all, I’m quite happy with my purchase, though I’m a little worried about the nib.


2 thoughts on “Pensieve: 1920/30s Conway Stewart 458 M Review”

  1. That nib looks like it has been sprung before, then straightened (sort of). Try Deb at Goodwriterspens, she might be able to replace that nib.

  2. I agree, it does look like it has been (kind of) repaired. It looks as if there is a gap between the tines at the tip. It could be writing well because they could be touching on the underside. Otherwise, you’d notice issues with ink flow and the pen writing, then all of a sudden stopping.

    That’s just a guess considering the pen isn’t in my hand under a loupe.


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