8 thoughts on “Reading Genesis 2 “Literally”:The Adventures of Mud-Man and His `Ezer Kenegdo, Ish-shah”

  1. I loved all the drawings! And I especially loved the point about how sexuality in the story is not for the purposes of procreation but to depict the “original one-ness” of human beings. That was my favorite, because if we were made in God’s image, maybe that says something about God not being male, but having characteristics of both genders. 🙂

      1. I didn’t mention it, but I especially appreciate your attention to teasing out the nuance and richness of the original Hebrew. Thanks again.

  2. Somehow this exegesis suggests to me– the out of his own image that: before the sending of the comforter and the son that. . . man and wo- man are God personified- . When that didn’t work so well, down through time, God tried again with another image of himself: Jesus. And when Jesus left, we still needed help, so voila, the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your post; forgive my feeble playing with a few whys. I’m always comforted when someone reminds us tat the bible was not written by some gigantic, powerful scribe who wrote and then left it where man could find it. Ha, ha

    1. I’m very fond of this understanding of the Incarnation being a “second try” at creation (I’m having difficulty finding suitable words to describe what I’m thinking here, but I hope that gets it).

  3. “Strikingly, in this text, sexuality is not for the purpose of procreation. Rather, its purpose is to recreate the original oneness of the human beings. In the act of intercourse, they become one flesh. God’s desire to remedy Mud-Man’s aloneness is accomplished. This is an incredibly sophisticated view of sexuality!”

    I’d never thought of that before. That is delightful, thank you.

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